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Welcome To Air Craft in Action

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Have a look at the core services we provide.

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Committed To The Highest International Standards

We hold all standards in high regard and follow them to the core.

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The Principles Which Propel Air Force

More than Aviation Turbine Fuel, the Air Force owes its smooth functioning to its disciplined tenets.

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Jet, set and go!! Buckle up for an exciting show lined up for you!

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Initial Attack Firefighter

Strengthen your fleet with this tactical attack machine.

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Full-service Aircraft Maintenance

We provide services to overhaul your existing fleet – to make it stronger and more efficient.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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Our Blog

What to Do If A Flight Is Late

late flight

For anyone who flies, nothing is worse than a delayed flight, especially if the goal was to arrive somewhere at a specific time. Here is what you need to do when a flight is late.

Check Any Applicable Apps

Before getting on any flight, download the airline app. If you are in a situation where the plane is late, you can check the app to get up-to-the-minute information and you can even change your flight in the app itself. This is easier and more efficient than standing in a line waiting to talk to an agent or waiting on hold for someone to help you.

Check for Alternate Carrier Flights

If your flight is late, there may be an alternate carrier that has a flight available for you to book. They are not expected to do this but it never hurts to ask if an alternate airline flight is something you would consider.

Handling Overnight Delays

There are some instances where airlines will make the attempt to pay for any hotels or meals for overnight delays. If you experience an overnight delay, find out if you might be owed anything. Will the airline pay for you? Or, will they offer you a voucher for a free or discounted future flight? Always ask because there are some cases where an airline will not tell you if they will pay or not. Ask if they offer hotel or food vouchers. While you may not get them you will not know unless you ask as they do not usually offer this to passengers without any prompting.

Check Your Credit Card Benefits

Check your credit cards for information on any benefits they offer for delayed flights. If you have these cards, they may offer you benefits for any delay that goes up to six hours. Some cards offer benefits for delays up to 12 hours. If you can get reimbursed, for instance, for 500 pounds for expenses incurred due to a delay, they will offer you this sum to make up for transportation, hotels, and food needed during your wait. They might also let you stay in the airline lounge rather than a general seating area in the airport.

Claim Compensation

You can do this yourself or with the help of someone like AirClaims. You can get up to €600 per passenger.

Benefit from Yoga or Meditation Rooms

If your flight is delayed, chances are that you need to calm your nerves. While you cannot make a plane go when you want it to, you can simply wait for the next one to take off. During this time, think of ways to relax. Spend some time in an airport meditation or yoga room. See what airports offer these special rooms and make sure to take advantage of one in the event your flight is delayed. These rooms offer passengers a healthy way to unwind, relax and pass the time.

Use these tips to prepare yourself for what to do when a flight arrives late or takes off late. There are many options to take that will make your delay situation beneficial in the end as well as less stressful.

10 Things you should know about flying on a Plane


Flying in an aeroplane is awesome. After flying for a while, you learn that some things do not get mentioned. Here are ten things you should know about hopping on a plane.


Free sanitising wipes

Ask for the free sanitising wipes. Cleaning everything within plain sight is essential. According to some of the flight attendants, some of the planes get washed and wiped down once a day. Micro-organisms are everywhere, especially if someone had slight flu and coughed in his hand.



It had happened before that a passenger was chosen to upgrade their seats to first class even after take-off. The criteria for this to happen is that you must be well dressed. It is better to dress neatly than to look like a slob.


Bring your blanket and pillow

If you want to be warm and comfortable, you must try to bring your bedding and pillow. The cleaning crew rarely wash these items, and they repack them and use them for the next flight.


Complimentary beverages

When you are on a plane the flight attendants surprise you with a free complimentary drink, they pile on the ice. When you are thirsty, you hope for more than just a few spoons of refreshment. Double the amount of liquid, ask for no ice.


Medical supplies

Many planes have supplies like painkillers, antacids and other medication. They also have bandages for minor cuts and scrapes.


Bring your water bottle

You might have noticed that all liquids get thrown out of your water bottle before boarding the plane. Just bring your empty eco-friendly water-bottle and ask the flight attendants to fill it for you. There should be no problem unless there is a water shortage. Make sure that the water comes from bottled water or that it is sterile. Water on the place, if not in bottles, contain hundreds of more bacteria than what is considered safe.


Bring your hand sanitizer


Do not wash your hands on the plane after using the toilets, use hand sanitizer.



Not all the passengers will eat their meals, so it is ok to ask for more if they have leftovers.


Pilots do not share secrets

Pilots will not tell you if there is a thunderstorm ahead or unseen updrafts. They do not want to cause panic.


Survival skills

To survive a mid-flight explosion. Falling in midair will make you unconscious for a moment or so, but when you snap out of it, slowly turn your head, fall head down and then use the currents of air to float. Look for water and sandbanks.


Safest seats

The safest seats are at the back of the plane. According to some experts, you will have a 40% higher survival rate sitting at the end of the flight.


These are the ten things you should know about flying on a plane. Happy flying and safe landing!


Passive PNR Headsets

Passive noise reduction (PNR) headsets have become increasingly popular lately due to their ability to attenuate background noise. Such headsets are commonly used in aviation and other noisy work environments, and are often preferred for their convenience and comfort.

This article will provide an overview of passive PNR headsets, including their advantages and disadvantages. Specifically, the article will analyse the design elements of passive PNR headsets, discuss how they compare to active headphones, and explore various applications. Additionally, it will cover some of the considerations that should be taken into account when selecting a passive PNR headset.

Finally, it will look at the cost associated with such products and highlight some leading manufacturers currently on the market.

Design Elements Of Passive PNR Headsets

Passive PNR headsets have seen a massive surge in popularity as people look to take their audio experience to the next level. Designed with comfort and quality in mind, these headsets have become an indispensable part of modern life for many. From the lightweight construction to the soft ear cushions and adjustable headband, passive headphones are designed for long listening sessions without sacrificing sound quality.

With a wide range of features including noise cancellation, sound optimization settings, and USB compatibility, users can enjoy a more immersive sound experience than ever before. With its unique blend of style, comfort and sound performance, it’s no surprise that passive PNR headsets continue to be one of the most sought-after audio accessories on the market today.

Comparing Passive And Active Headphones

Passive and active headphones vary in design, purpose, and cost. Passive headphones rely on the source device to generate sound. They are typically cheaper than active headphones due to their simple design and lack of power source.

Active headphones require a power source, such as an amplifier or battery, and often include built-in amplifiers or noise-canceling technology for improved sound quality. They are more expensive than passive headphones but are better suited for use in high-noise environments such as airports or noisy offices. Additionally, active headphones provide access to advanced features such as equalization and surround sound that can be adjusted through the user interface of the headphone itself.

Overall, both types of headsets have their advantages and disadvantages which should be considered when making a purchase decision.

Applications And Considerations

They offer many advantages that make them a great choice for businesses. These headsets come with noise-canceling features that help block out exterior sound, allowing users to stay focused on their tasks. The ability to adjust the volume and balance of sound can also be helpful in eliminating distractions. In addition, these headsets have built-in microphones and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for hands-free operation. Not only does this provide convenience for users, but it can also help boost productivity.

Passive PNR headsets are also lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, making them an ideal choice for workplaces looking to maximize user comfort and efficiency. As such, these headsets could be beneficial investments for businesses looking to enhance their operations. The passive noise reduction (PNR) headsets offer an effective listening experience for a variety of applications, making them a popular choice for consumers and professionals alike. Their design elements are well-suited to both comfort and performance, allowing users to hear with clarity and accuracy.

When compared to active headphones, the PNR headsets provide superior noise suppression capabilities, making them ideal for environments with high levels of ambient noise. Their lightweight yet robust construction enables extended periods of use with minimal fatigue.

When selecting a PNR headset, it is important to consider factors such as sound quality, weight distribution and overall comfort. In addition, compatibility with a given device should be verified to ensure optimal performance. All of these considerations can make the difference between a satisfactory and an extraordinary listening experience – one that is truly unparalleled in its clarity and acoustics.

In conclusion, passive PNR headsets offer users an immersive listening experience like no other – one so impressive that even the most discerning listeners are left speechless! With their combination of superior sound quality and robust construction, they provide an unbeatable audio solution that is sure to exceed expectations time and time again.