Leuchars - Aircraft In Action
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The airshow held at Royal Air Force Leuchars is the final major airshow in the UK airshow calendar and is also the final show of the three Major RAF shows held over the year (other two being Waddington and Cosford). Because of this the RAF always strongly support the event. Despite the weather being somewhat less than ideal, a strong display was still held.


Steven Hadlow reviews from a rather damp Scotland. Photos by Steven Hadlow and Roger Hadlow. All photos are copyright of author (Steven Hadlow) unless otherwise marked.


The show at Leuchars is the last remaining Battle of Britain airshow since the airshow at RAF Finningley ceased to exist. This year the organisers attempted to provide visible links back to the airshows Battle of Britain celebration roots. In an attempt to do this it was planned to hold a number of heritage flypasts throughout the course of the flying programme. Flypasts of the Eurofighter Typhoon with the Spitfire, RAF Harrier GR7 with the Hawker Hurricane and the Hercules with the Dakota were organised. This was certainly an inspired idea and would have helped greatly in helping the airshow in it’s role as a Battle of Britain show. Unfortunately the poor weather at Leuchars meant the BBMF were unable to make the trip up to Scotland. This meant we lost the flypasts from the programme. Other acts expected to display in the programme which failed to make their slot in the display were the Royal Navy Black Cats, RAF Falcons parachute team, 202 Squadron Sea King and the Royal Navy Sea Harriers two ship.