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What to Do If A Flight Is Late

late flight

What to Do If A Flight Is Late

For anyone who flies, nothing is worse than a delayed flight, especially if the goal was to arrive somewhere at a specific time. Here is what you need to do when a flight is late.

Check Any Applicable Apps

Before getting on any flight, download the airline app. If you are in a situation where the plane is late, you can check the app to get up-to-the-minute information and you can even change your flight in the app itself. This is easier and more efficient than standing in a line waiting to talk to an agent or waiting on hold for someone to help you.

Check for Alternate Carrier Flights

If your flight is late, there may be an alternate carrier that has a flight available for you to book. They are not expected to do this but it never hurts to ask if an alternate airline flight is something you would consider.

Handling Overnight Delays

There are some instances where airlines will make the attempt to pay for any hotels or meals for overnight delays. If you experience an overnight delay, find out if you might be owed anything. Will the airline pay for you? Or, will they offer you a voucher for a free or discounted future flight? Always ask because there are some cases where an airline will not tell you if they will pay or not. Ask if they offer hotel or food vouchers. While you may not get them you will not know unless you ask as they do not usually offer this to passengers without any prompting.

Check Your Credit Card Benefits

Check your credit cards for information on any benefits they offer for delayed flights. If you have these cards, they may offer you benefits for any delay that goes up to six hours. Some cards offer benefits for delays up to 12 hours. If you can get reimbursed, for instance, for 500 pounds for expenses incurred due to a delay, they will offer you this sum to make up for transportation, hotels, and food needed during your wait. They might also let you stay in the airline lounge rather than a general seating area in the airport.

Claim Compensation

You can do this yourself or with the help of someone like AirClaims. You can get up to €600 per passenger.

Benefit from Yoga or Meditation Rooms

If your flight is delayed, chances are that you need to calm your nerves. While you cannot make a plane go when you want it to, you can simply wait for the next one to take off. During this time, think of ways to relax. Spend some time in an airport meditation or yoga room. See what airports offer these special rooms and make sure to take advantage of one in the event your flight is delayed. These rooms offer passengers a healthy way to unwind, relax and pass the time.

Use these tips to prepare yourself for what to do when a flight arrives late or takes off late. There are many options to take that will make your delay situation beneficial in the end as well as less stressful.