10 Things you should know about flying on a Plane
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10 Things you should know about flying on a Plane


10 Things you should know about flying on a Plane

Flying in an aeroplane is awesome. After flying for a while, you learn that some things do not get mentioned. Here are ten things you should know about hopping on a plane.


Free sanitising wipes

Ask for the free sanitising wipes. Cleaning everything within plain sight is essential. According to some of the flight attendants, some of the planes get washed and wiped down once a day. Micro-organisms are everywhere, especially if someone had slight flu and coughed in his hand.



It had happened before that a passenger was chosen to upgrade their seats to first class even after take-off. The criteria for this to happen is that you must be well dressed. It is better to dress neatly than to look like a slob.


Bring your blanket and pillow

If you want to be warm and comfortable, you must try to bring your bedding and pillow. The cleaning crew rarely wash these items, and they repack them and use them for the next flight.


Complimentary beverages

When you are on a plane the flight attendants surprise you with a free complimentary drink, they pile on the ice. When you are thirsty, you hope for more than just a few spoons of refreshment. Double the amount of liquid, ask for no ice.


Medical supplies

Many planes have supplies like painkillers, antacids and other medication. They also have bandages for minor cuts and scrapes.


Bring your water bottle

You might have noticed that all liquids get thrown out of your water bottle before boarding the plane. Just bring your empty eco-friendly water-bottle and ask the flight attendants to fill it for you. There should be no problem unless there is a water shortage. Make sure that the water comes from bottled water or that it is sterile. Water on the place, if not in bottles, contain hundreds of more bacteria than what is considered safe.


Bring your hand sanitizer


Do not wash your hands on the plane after using the toilets, use hand sanitizer.



Not all the passengers will eat their meals, so it is ok to ask for more if they have leftovers.


Pilots do not share secrets

Pilots will not tell you if there is a thunderstorm ahead or unseen updrafts. They do not want to cause panic.


Survival skills

To survive a mid-flight explosion. Falling in midair will make you unconscious for a moment or so, but when you snap out of it, slowly turn your head, fall head down and then use the currents of air to float. Look for water and sandbanks.


Safest seats

The safest seats are at the back of the plane. According to some experts, you will have a 40% higher survival rate sitting at the end of the flight.


These are the ten things you should know about flying on a plane. Happy flying and safe landing!